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Medical Emergency

Medical Emergency Control: Use your arrow keys to drive and your space bar to brake. Description: It is your time to save all the injured victims in accidents, so get behind the wheel of your emergency van and drive around the city as fast as you can, collecti...

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18 Wheeler Heavy Cargo

18 Wheeler Heavy Cargo Control: Use arrow keys balance and drive the trucks. Description: Get ready for a new truck challenge. If you like cargo truck games then this is the perfect game for you. Use arrow keys to balance and drive the heavy loaded truck and t...

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Escape Castle Graystone

Escape Castle Graystone Control: Use mouse to take items. Description: You were caught sneaking around the dark and dangerous Castle Graystone and the evil Guard threw you into the dungeon. You know one thing, you need to escape quick and silently. Can you fig...

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Kingdom Racer

Kingdom Racer Control: Use your arrow keys to drive and your X key for NOS. Description: Race your car in a Medieval kingdom and try to make it safely to the end. You will meet a lot of dangers on the way, like loops, rolling barrels or evil knights. Overcome ...

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Ice Cream Racing

Ice Cream Racing Control: Arrow keys – moving Space bar – shooting Shift or Z – turbo X – jump Description: Explore the sweet and colourful worlds of candies and ice creams in this fun racing game. It’s place where you’ve never seen them before...

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