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Adrenaline Chaser

Adrenaline Chaser Control: Use your keyboard WASD to move your car. Description: Are you the ultimate adrenaline chaser? Chase down your targets in an all out race watch out you don’t damage your car to much as it will blow up, more targets on each level...

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Draculaura Hand Doctor

Draculaura Hand Doctor Control: Use the mouse to interact with Draculaura in this great doctor game Description: Draculaura was preparing a delicious vegan dinner, when she accidentally burned and caught her hand in the oven watching fabulous fashion news on T...

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My Old Items

My Old Items Control: Use mouse to play this game! Description: Welcome to another wonderful mysterious game called My Old Items! This game belongs to the genre of hidden objects, where to find old items such as: radio, TV, clock, compass, umbrella, gun and et...

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Steam Pirate

Steam Pirate Control: Arrow keys – move, A – melee attack, S – ranged attack, D – build turret Description: Play as a legendary pirate of the 7 seas and skies! Defend your treasure maps using your dual swords and dual pistols. And if th...

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Ultimate Monster Mayhem

Ultimate Monster Mayhem Control: Arrow Keys or AWDS to move, move mouse to target. Description: Defend your base from the incoming monsters in this action-packed shooter game. Use all kinds of weapons such as bullets, gun, missile, Tesla coil, laser beam, bazo...

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