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Manamancers Control: Match three or more gems to activate them Description: Manamancer is turn based puzzle PVP online strategy game. Match 3 or more gems in line to activate them. Each gem have different ability. Collect enough mana to cast one of four specia...

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Baby Jasmine Genie Spa

Baby Jasmine Genie Spa Control: Mouse control Description: Baby Jasmine is a cute little girl who enjoys spending time at the genie spa. The genie spa is a wonderful and magical place where baby Jasmine goes to be pampered and loved. But to get there you must ...

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Soccer World Cup 2014

Soccer World Cup 2014 Control: Use mouse to play. Description: Play World Cup 2014 in Brazil with your favorite team. Choose to play the official or random groups. Start the qualifying group trying to classify in the first two positions to gain access to the f...

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Adrenaline Chaser

Adrenaline Chaser Control: Use your keyboard WASD to move your car. Description: Are you the ultimate adrenaline chaser? Chase down your targets in an all out race watch out you don’t damage your car to much as it will blow up, more targets on each level...

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Find A Parking Spot

Find A Parking Spot Control: Use your arrow keys to drive and your space bar to brake. Description: How are your parking skills? If you think they’re top notch you should really try this awesome game! You will go through a very crowded parking lot and you wi...

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