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GoGy Mad Launch

GoGy Mad Launch Control: Use the mouse to launch GoGy. Description: The official GoGy game is here! GoGy’s lover got lost in the space and his mission is find her, do you think it’s an easy mission? You have a big mistake! You’ll have to upgr...

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Black Bit Ninja

Black Bit Ninja Control: Click the ninja, drag mouse to aim and release mouse to dash. Description: Your mission in Black Bit Ninja is to master the art of assassination. Jump, dash and attack your opponents swiftly and carefully in this minimalist action puzz...

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Super Marshmallow Kingdom

Super Marshmallow Kingdom Control: 1 Player : Arrows, UP Jump, Down + Direction Slide 2 Player : WASD, W Jump, S + Direction Slide Space: Nuke Description: Super Marshmallow Kingdom is one toasts battle against the evil forces of marshmallows, cats, tarts, pig...

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Snake++ Control: Controls Mouse andAtilde;andcent;andacirc; Description: A unique and robust twist on the classical snake gaming experience. Hunt or be hunted!! Controls Mouse andAtilde;andcent;andacirc; ...

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Balloon Blast

Balloon Blast Control: Using the mouse, blast as many balloons as possible within the specified time. Be careful and stay away from the bombs. Description: Its a shooting game, where you have to shoot as many balloons as possible within the specified time. Dif...

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