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Toy Traffic Control

Toy Traffic Control Control: There is an in-game tutorial for help. Description: Toy Traffic Control is a car game in which you control a set of traffic lights. You need to let a certain number of cars get passed without them crashing. Obviously use the traffi...

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Club Style

Club Style Control: Use the mouse to select the best outfit for this girl for a clubbing night. Description: Hi! Having a girl’s night out can be very fun. Being surrounded by the right people and wearing the right outfit is the perfect combo for a clubb...

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Kitty at the Dentist

Kitty at the Dentist Control: Use your mouse to play. Description: Cute kitties love to chew on toys and catnip all day. It can be hard to take care of your cat’s teeth. These kitten’s have some serious tooth problems and need a visit to the pet de...

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4×4 Tractor Challenge

4×4 Tractor Challenge Control: Use arrow keys to balance,drive and brake the tractor and the trailer Description: Looking for a new challenge with farm tractors and loaded trailers? Then test your driving skills in 12 intense levels the game offers. Use a...

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Asian Beauty

Asian Beauty Control: Use the mouse to choose the best Asian outfit. Description: Hello Girls! Play this game and discover a unique wardrobe full of Asian outfits. Try on different clothes and accessories to create a unique outfit with an Asian note of beauty!...

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