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Spot the Difference-Pumpkin Girl

Spot the Difference-Pumpkin Girl Control: Use your mouse to click on the differences. Description: In this Spot The Difference-Pumpkin Girl game you will need to find the variations around the two pictures. This game has 3 levels you can work your way through....

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Soccer World Cup 2014

Soccer World Cup 2014 Control: Use mouse to play. Description: Play World Cup 2014 in Brazil with your favorite team. Choose to play the official or random groups. Start the qualifying group trying to classify in the first two positions to gain access to the f...

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Ice Cream Racing

Ice Cream Racing Control: Arrow keys – moving Space bar – shooting Shift or Z – turbo X – jump Description: Explore the sweet and colourful worlds of candies and ice creams in this fun racing game. It’s place where you’ve never seen them before...

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Sllay Making Cake

Sllay Making Cake Control: Use the mouse to play. Description: Sllay likes cooking. She thinks that cooking is a very interesting and creative job which brings people joy from the dishes. She is good at making cakes and today she is invited to a birthday party...

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Fast Blue Model Car

Fast Blue Model Car Control: Use your mouse to click on the paint you want and click on the part of the car you want that colour. Description: Fast Blue Model Car is a colouring game in which you can colour model car. You are in control of the paintbrush and c...

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