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Skylocopterââ Control: Arrow keys to fly. Space bar to drop a bomb. Description: SkylocopterandAtilde;andcent;andacirc; ...

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Liana Birthday Party

Liana Birthday Party Control: Use your mouse to click on the item you want to try on. Description: Lina is having a birthday party a little more sophisticated to what she is used to, she wants to come across as a beautiful young lady and you’re going to ...

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Find Hidden Footballs

Find Hidden Footballs Control: Use your mouse. Description: With the balls being lost and the players being, well, millionaires, it is your duty in Hidden Football to find all the missing balls and get them back to their respective clubs, hopefully saving enou...

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Beautiful Ballet Girl

Beautiful Ballet Girl Control: Mouse to play. Description: This is a lovely ballet girl who is focusing on practicing ballet and she hopes one day she will be able to perform on the big stage.Today she has a chance to perform on stage, but she is not sure abou...

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Doctor Slacking

Doctor Slacking Control: Use your mouse or keyboard to complete the activities. Help Sarah slack at the clinic, but when her patient looks over press the X to keep her out of trouble. Description: Sarah has eventually studied hard and became a well-respected d...

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