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2 Hours to Make Websites Generate Over $5,000 a Month on Autopilot…

That's the bold claim of Google Sniper 3.0

Google Sniper 3.0

So what is Google Sniper 3.0 and is that claim true – here’s what you need to know …

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What is Google Sniper 3.0?

It is the third iteration of a course by George Brown that teaches you how to build simple websites that once setup automatically generate commissions for you. If you do this as he shows then each site can earn $5000 per month or even more.

Versions 1.0 and 2.0 of Google Sniper were hugely popular with more than 100,000 people buying the courses (often both) and many thousands going on to make a genuine incomes. In fact Google Sniper has been one of the most successful courses on affiliate marketing ever made.

Why is it so good?

What it teaches is not unique, you can find may other courses teaching similar methods (in fact many of them copied Google Sniper), but what sets it apart is the support from George and his team which is truly outstanding. Additionally the Sniper X module includes up to date case studies which fastrack the learning process.

Does it work?

Oh yes. The affiliate marketing principles you’ll learn, the building of niche websites and ranking them for Google searches, are well proven. The training provided explains everything (in both video and PDF form), is up to date and easy to follow. It definitely works BUT you do have to follow the training. This is a real course, not some fantasy push button riches scam. You have to watch, read, learn and then put some time into making your websites. If you can do that then you will make money.

Does it work in just the U.S.?

Absolutely not. There is nothing about affiliate marketing and what is taught in Google Sniper 3.0 that is U.S. specific. In fact although the U.S. is great because of it’s large population and wealth the opportunities outside are arguably greater and certainly less tapped.

What does it cost?

Google Sniper 3.0 is $47. There are two other optional parts to the course which are worth considering:

  • Sniper X is a monthly membership that includes additional coaching, advanced tactics and those super helpful case studies. You can get a trial access when purchasing the main course to check it out, after that it’s $47 per month.
  • Google Sniper Elite Upgrade: this is a significant extra investment ($187 one time payment) BUT pretty much pays for itself. It’s for those who are serious about making their money and want to do it the fastest way possible.

What else do I need to know?

Google Sniper is sold through a platform called ClickBank. This is very important for two reasons:

  • It means your purchase is secure – ClickBank is a well established and trusted payment gateway.
  • Your purchase is covered by a 60 day guarantee. If you find the course doesn’t do what it claims then you have the right to a full refund within those 60 days.

What now?

Well, ask yourself the questions: do I want to make money from my computer and can I take action? If you do and can then I suggest you check out the sales video using the link below. You’ve nothing to loose and potentially an awful lot to gain.

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Still Undecided?

Have a look at some of these testimonials from Google Sniper versions 1.0 and 2.0









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