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Bigotilyo OK

Bigotilyo OK Control: Click to use weapon, move by w,a,s,d or arrow keys. Description: A great game of Love, Passion and death, a gripping story with graphics art style recreated with chalk and slate. You have to go underground to reach the chests that give yo...

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Diabetes | Herbal Supplements For Diabetes

Diabetes | Herbal Supplements For Diabetes According to the World Bloom Organization (WHO), diabetes is a abiding ache that occurs if the pancreas either does not aftermath abundant insulin or if the physique cannot finer use the insulin it produces. Hyperglyc...

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Kingdom Racer

Kingdom Racer Control: Use your arrow keys to drive and your X key for NOS. Description: Race your car in a Medieval kingdom and try to make it safely to the end. You will meet a lot of dangers on the way, like loops, rolling barrels or evil knights. Overcome ...

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Running your own diner

Running your own diner Because of the regrettable recent fiscal climate many persons have been laid off work owing to no failing of their own…merely an assortment of cruel circumstances…they are at the moment scratching their heads thinking where n...

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Race OClock

Race OClock Control: Use your arrow keys to drive and your X key for NOS. Description: This is a race against time itself! You have to hurry up and reach the end of the level before the time runs out. You can get more seconds by collecting power ups or you can...

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