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Running for beginners

Running for beginners

Running for beginners should be fun, your very first run should be short so that you get round quickly and without too much fuss. If you wake up the next day and don’t feel stiff then you can always go out again and run a little further.

Before embarking on your running career you really need to make sure you invest in a good pair of trainers. It makes little sense to run in pumps or other unsuitable footwear and end up with an injury that could halt your progress before it has even begun. So invest in a really good pair of trainers, if you are unsure if running is for you, still buy new trainers but maybe look at ones that you could also wear to the pub should you decide running is not for you. Also look to buy some sports socks, shorts or good jogging bottoms, a suitable light weight top and if needed a sports bra. Consider the time of year when looking to buy this clothing. It may sound like a lot of stuff but you should be able to pick it all up online for around £60.

Once you have purchased your running equipment then you should consider your route. Planning a good route is really important, are you going to road run or trail run? Both are excellent excersise but road running tends to be more popular especially on winter evenings when trails will be in darkness. Its also worth buying some flurecsent bands so that cars can clearly see you, some trainers already have these on. For your first few runs it can be a good idea to drive to a running track and run around it, use a treadmill or run around a football pitch, these are suggestions that mean, should you get really tired you can finish easily. You can imagine getting half way round a five mile circuit and running out of energy, the above suggestions stop this being an issue.

The main  running tips would be to get out there and make it happen, get your arms up, don’t set off too fast and keep your head up, you soon be running further and faster than you ever thought possible.

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